Who would have imagined all that could happen when, on 23 August 1996, we began managing and providing document storage services for the files of other companies?

At Papyrum, we have always set ourselves the goal of providing excellent service, as we are aware of the responsibility involved in working with companies’ documents and how important these are in their management.

Innovation is always a constant for Papyrum, as it facilitates improvements to and optimization of all processes, so as to offer the best service.

Organization is key in managing a company. Aware of the benefits that could result from digitization, at both structural and an environmental level, we developed our technologies in order to begin the process of digitizing the documentation of businesses.

Little by little we managed to make many companies aware of this need, providing assurances about the security of their files and offering considerable time and cost savings.

We had to move to deal with such a big workload. Papyrum was growing very fast. In 2001 we moved our facilities to Colmenar Viejo, our current headquarters, to be able to offer new, more efficient services and also increase our production capabilities.

Just four years later, we were digitizing over 1,500,000 pages a month. We had to continue evolving: we began considering new paths and invested in R&D&I to look for new ways to process data.

We continued working to improve our facilities and document processing areas. In 2009 we obtained certification and the resulting approval for our Heimdall program, which gave us the ability to convert physical documents into digital documents which are valid for tax purposes.

In 2012 we decided to cross borders. We crossed the Atlantic and landed in Peru and in Argentina. From there, we actively assisted customers from throughout Latin American and little by little have been adapting our digitization processes and systems as the technology and the laws in each country develop.

Over the last two years, as a result of innovation and research, we have developed our star tool, KULTEO –a platform which facilitates company information management and makes it possible for companies to complete their digital transformation efficiently. We are aware of this latent need within many organizations and we are able to offer the mechanisms to make their transformation possible.

In this way, we have enabled companies, of any type, to succeed in managing their information in real time, both internally and externally, providing them with business solutions that allow them to optimize their processes successfully and ensure the safe storage of their documents.

It is noteworthy that for 20 years we have upheld our goal of continual improvement based on technology and the implementation of new developments to provide a better service to our customers. We have not relied on partners or funds that could have changed these values of quality and service to pecuniary values.