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About Papyrum

Papyrum is one of the major companies in the document digitization and storage sector. It offers the most up-to-date facilities for document storage, fully complying with current regulations, especially, as regards data protection and security.


The information management platform created by Papyrum

The Papyrum Kulteo Information Management Platform is Papyrum’s most recent and innovative project. It stands out from the rest of the business solutions currently available for the following reasons:


Its key value is that it simplifies complex matters to the greatest possible extent, thus facilitating a company’s information management and saving time.


It receives information in any format and from any origin (e.g. email, scanner, website or smartphone).


It organizes and files the information received, making it possible to update the versions in different formats thus facilitating access to them.


It generates work-flows enabling both issuing and monitoring tasks such as documentation validation or communications to customers and suppliers.

Papyrum solutions

Document solutions

Papyrum has over 20 years of experience in document management, storage and destruction processes, for which we have proprietary facilities measuring 20,000 square meters.

Process advisory service

We are business consultants for all digital transformation processes and experts in Business Process Outsourcing.

Business processes

The digitization processes we perform at Papyrum are approved by the Spanish tax authorities (AEAT); this enables our customers to destroy the physical papers once they have been digitized and validated.

Digital solutions

Kulteo is a platform created by Papyrum to manage a company’s information; it adapts to the needs of organizations of any size engaged in any activity.

Our customers