The engine for managing information

Kulteo is a platform created by Papyrum to manage a company’s information and which adapts to meet the needs of organisations of any size engaged in any activity. This tool unifies and standardizes all documentary information in a single location, although this information can be accessed from anywhere via any device.

Kulteo is made up of different proprietary modules and integrates with the systems in operation at the customer organization. It is a dynamic platform which adapts to the circumstances of each company in each case.

It makes it possible to check the traceability of each document and have immediate oversight of its situation. It has top-level security for managing users and the authorizations it grants can be restricted to certain features.

The platform can incorporate additional processes to the solution, contributing value to the internal processes of each company.

It unifies and standardizes

All the documentary information of a company is in a single location, according to its needs


It enables rapid, convenient access from any device


With numerous proprietary modules and with the customer’s current systems

With no licence costs

It offers a SAAS method, whereby companies pay only for use

Dynamic platform

It adapts to customers’ needs

Processes that generate added value



It swiftly adapts to new situations at minimum cost and with minimum lead times

Omnichannel system

It handles any documentary format, whether physical or digital, from any channel (cloud-based open-source system)


Accessible from any
type of device

Real time

It provides immediate reports through advanced Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) technological systems.

Fully valid digital signature

It incorporates fully legally valid qualified signatures.

Legal documentary validity

It manages receipts and invoices flexibly in a legally valid way

Comprehensive security

It complies with all compliance regulations and has all the certifications, ensuring traceability at all times

Unity and diversity

A modular, unified system that deals with processes in a uniform manner, respecting their specific nature under Service Level Agreements (SLA)


It assesses the templates

It selects the template depending on need

It fills in the data

It deals with calculating the data and consolidating it in the proper format

Multiple formats

It is possible to use different formats such as PDF, Word and HTML

It integrates with the flow

It follows the validation flow, the qualified signature flow, etc.