The joint development of the application by Exaccta and Papyrum enables these documents to be comprehensively managed and, more importantly, to be really useful thanks to the authorisation by the Spanish tax authorities

Papyrum and Exaccta have developed an application through which companies can now manage their expense documentation in an easier, faster way on their mobile devices and integrate them into a management platform linked to their systems.

The new application, called Kulteo – Exaccta Xpens, makes it possible for sales representatives and business people to ‘forget’ about paper receipts and invoices. With this tool, photographs are taken by mobile phone of the expense documentation, and, in real time, the tool extracts the information and sends it to the Kulteo platform created by Papyrum where all the information is managed.

Moreover, the smartphone channel is not the only channel available, as the platform also accepts invoices and receipts sent via a remote scanner and through an online application linked directly to Kulteo.

With Kulteo – Exaccta Xpens, there is no need to file or save invoices in paper format, it is possible to work from anywhere (even with no connectivity) and, more importantly, the information is valid for tax purposes, as the app has been approved by the Spanish tax authority (AEAT).

About Papyrum

Papyrum has been managing business information for 20 years – two decades in which the company has never ceased to take risks and back innovation. It has done all this with the aim of offering its customers the best solutions to simplify their day-to-day operations.

This company designs cutting edge tools that enable smart management of businesses, tools which are now grouped together and managed on its new platform: Kulteo. Its collaboration with Exaccta is a clear example of this.