A lot is being written about digital transformation. The problem is that everyone is talking about it and very few people know the scope of what is happening. Just a few years ago – what are 20 years in terms of human evolution? – we communicated through typewritten letters and began using PCs and certain electronic messages (Lotus) which, rather than substituting letters, replaced ticker machines and telex. Faxes were introduced and we began to discern something different was happening in communications, although we were very far from guessing it would come to what we are now experiencing. In the past few years, many different technologies have been emerging which are changing our lives faster than we think. It is not just mobiles which are making us change but also tablets, e-books, digital TV, and so on, although, above all, there are two intangible elements in all this: immediacy and the virtualization of communications and content (intangibility) The question is how this affects the business world. Companies have clearly seen the need to transform the world of communications with customers. This is implicit in the expression ‘Adapt or die!’. The problem now  is we aren’t witnessing adaptation but a revolution. There is a change in paradigm which affects the entire company across the board, at all levels of the hierarchy, and is characterized by the two aforementioned core elements: immediacy and intangibility. The challenge consists of how people are tackling the new reality and how they are capable of transferring it to specific processes, reinventing them based on the new technological playing field. At PAPYRUM, based on our extensive experience in the world of information, we have developed solutions and tools that have already been successfully implemented at several companies. We have also continued to develop and invent ways to undertake processes that contribute value and help companies in this evolution-revolution required by digital transformation. Our information manager, KULTEO, serves as the basis for the solutions to flow easily for people, with top-level performance in digital processes. At PAPYRUM, we keep very much in mind how important people are. Technology, experience and knowledge are important but people are the key to success. Our solutions are therefore always designed to be easily implemented and managed by people.