Document solutions

Document storage

Papyrum has over 20 years of experience in the processes of document management, storage and destruction, for which we have proprietary facilities measuring 20,000 square metres.

We cover the life cycle of any document and we can give our customers immediate access to them. The process begins with extracting the data the document contains; next the appropriate validation is performed and the data is cross-checked with master data and voice data.

All the information is later integrated into our Kulteo platform in an organized and fully traceable way and is sent to the customer’s CRP. This painstaking process enables us to guarantee the quality of the data by 99.9%.

Document digitization

Data quality

In document digitization processes, one of the critical elements when extracting the information from the document is the quality of the data, namely, accurately storing the correct, exact data value.

Papyrum designs its processes so that the veracity of the data we work with is 99.98%, due to how serious it would be for a customer to enter the wrong data into its processes. To prevent possible mistakes, we use double recording systems, as well as optical recognition systems (OCR, ICR, etc.). This comparison makes it possible to ensure the quality of the information and reduce any incidents and potential mistakes to the greatest extent possible.

The Service Level Agreement and the quality of the processes are defined with the customer; at all times, there is traceability for the customers of their documentation during the digitization process.