Success stories

Papyrum manages Endesa's digital information

Papyrum is collaborating with the energy company in the management of the physical and digital documentation of all the company's departments and subsidiaries. Business rules, incident management and the highest level of data quality are applied in the processing of all information, which provides added value. The information is integrated into the company's management systems in a minimum amount of time, allowing it to be used immediately. The documentation is stored and digitised by Papyrum so that it can be accessed at any time.

Compass Group, digitisation of employment contracts

Papyrum has carried out a project for Compass Group, a leader in catering and support services, to digitise its employment contracts, saving the company €150,000 per year. The company has a permanent workforce of 13,000 employees and makes more than 20,000 new hires each year.

Until the implementation of this contract digitalisation procedure, the procedure was cumbersome: the central payroll office, located in Bilbao, prepared a contract and sent it to the corresponding delegation, where the worker signed it. The delegation then sent the signed contract back to the head office.

A few years ago, Compass decided to optimise this process. To this end, it has been supported by the specialised document management company Papyrum. "Initially, what we did was to create a digital archive. Contracts were still printed and signed in person, but then scanned and archived. That first step was very useful for us because many of our temporary workers are people who have worked with us before," explains Jerónimo Corral, HR director at Compass Group Spain.