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Who we are and, most importantly, what we do.

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How we can help you simplify the day-to-day processes of your company.

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Creators of technological platforms for information management.

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Papyrum across the world

Our offices in Latin America: Argentina and Peru.

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The Information Management Platform

created by Papyrum

Gestión Documental Papyrum


Papyrum Kulteo is the most recent and innovative project of Papyrum. It stands out from other existing business solutions in the following aspects:


Its main value is that it maximally SIMPLIFIES the complex, thus saving time and facilitating the information management of your company.


It OBTAINS information in any format and from any source (e-mail, scanner, website, smartphone…).


It ORGANIZES and ARCHIVES the obtained information, thus allowing you to update the versions of the different support lines and facilitating your access.


It GENERATES workflows allowing task creation and follow-up as well as document validation or communication to clients and suppliers.

  • Starting from an initial base, Kulteo has the capacity to add specific modules depending on the necessities of each business sector, resulting in an improvement of the generated processes and their management.
  • It uses the cloud as storage, which results in more space and total accessibility from any electronic device and any corner of the world.
  • It integrates a world clock that allows you to update any process or task in real time, reflecting the corresponding time in each country where we are located.
  • It allows internal communication between different users and departments within the company.
  • It generates global and productive reports.
  • It facilitates the access to document services such as OCR, data capturing etc…
  • It creates statistical graphs of tasks and processes.

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Mapa Papyrum


Apart from our headquarters in Madrid, Papyrum is also present in other countries. We have offices in Lima (Peru) and Buenos Aires (Argentina), from which we offer physical file custody services for companies and public bodies.

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