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Throughout the years, Papyrum has demonstrated its interest in and motivation for innovation. By always searching for new professional challenges and providing different solutions to the market, Papyrum was selected to form part of the “Subprogram for Competitiveness in R&D” within the “Plan for Progress”, initiated by the Spanish Department of Industry, Energy and Tourism. The objective of this support is based on the commitment to the development of the Information and Knowledge Society in Spain, thus injecting public capital into companies with initiatives in the sectors of new technologies and information.

Papyrum Kulteo

The awarded help allowed Papyrum to get started on the project of creating the “Cloud Papyrum SMB – Solution for document management and Technology of Cloud Computing for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB’s)”, known today as Information Manager Papyrum Kulteo. It is an innovative tool with a capacity to integrate practically all the information that a company would manage, internally as well as externally.

Papyrum Kulteo
Papyrum Kulteo Mision


Kulteo was born from the mission to convert itself into an information management platform in cloud computing technology, allowing SMB’s to access solutions that until now were only available for large enterprises.

Thanks to the “Plan Progress”, Papyrum is about to materialize and release to the market their platform Kulteo, which will introduce a revolution in the world of company information management.

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