The overall spirit of Papyrum materializes at its headquarters in Peru and Argentina, where serving Latin America.



The document treatment sector in Peru has, at this point in time, not developed to the same extent as the one in Spain. For this reason, the implementation of Papyrum in Lima will be a considerable step forward in this sector, as well as a significant competitive edge for the Peruvian business landscape.


From its division in Peru, Papyrum offers services to SMB’s and multinationals in the field of physical document protection, and to public bodies. It fulfills tasks regarding organization and classification, digitization, and indexation. Soon it will also offer a document custody service.


Starting from zero, the office in Lima is steadily growing, at a constant and favorable rate. At this moment in time there are 26 people in the workforce, on top of the people that are part of the externalized services.

Papyrum Perú



In Argentina, just like Peru, the sector of document protection is still under development, which is why the presence of Papyrum will mean a significant step forward for the country as well as for Papyrum itself.


At the division in Argentina, Papyrum offers the same services as in Peru, as well as physical document protection in narrow collaboration with local companies.

Papyrum Argentina
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