Papyrum can help simplify everyday of your company


Our main objective is to make your companies’ life easier. To achieve this, we use new technologies and build innovative platforms that put us on top of the technology market.

Such is the case with our Certified Digital Signature service. Through our Certified Digital Signature, when someone proceeds to digitally sign a document, we act as a trust-worthy third party certifying the validity of the signature and provide a functional model to incorporate these processes into the day to day of the business, without losing quality and improving its operations. This system is offered through a web-based platform that guarantees accessibility, high availability and mobility on any device, be it a PC, MAC, iOS, Android, etc.

From the generation of an authentication code, the user will have the possibility to verify its identity and digitally sign a document, with total reliability and legal validity, avoiding the traditional process of printing, signing, and scanning.


At Papyrum we take chances and bet on innovation; that’s why we have included an unique technology, the first app for sales force, freelancers and companies that eliminate the traditional process of monthly filling expenses, stapling tickets and paper invoices. The technology we developed will, with just a picture taken with the mobile phone camera, extract the information with just a touch on the screen.

This way, the tedious bill of costs will be generated in real time, leaving the pictures indexed in the report. All information is synchronized in real time and stored directly in the business information management platform Papyrum Kulteo, simplifying once more the business processes.


Pursuing our goal of giving an absolutely customized and individual service, we have created apps specifically focused on the HR and Purchasing departments in the company. These apps facilitate the centralization of all documents and information used in these departments, and give the option to create validation flows or business rules specific to its usage.


At Papyrum we also manage the digitization of documents. Digitization is the process through which the image of the original document on paper is obtained in an electronic format. We carry this out via high quality systems and scanners, based on advanced image technology, scanning profiles, usage of schemes for image description and improvements of image treatment.

Once the document has been scanned, we capture the data agreed upon with our clients, applying quality control systems which, developed with our own technology, guarantee a 99,9% reliability of the captured data.

For this reason the services we offer – be it digitization, custody or information management – make us earn the trust that our clients put in us.


The Information Management Platform Papyrum Kulteo is the most recent and innovative project of Papyrum. It stands out from other existing business solutions in the following aspects:

Its main value is that it maximally SIMPLIFIES the complex, thus saving time and facilitating the information management of your company.

It OBTAINS information in any format and from any source (e-mail, scanner, website, smartphone…).

It ORGANIZES and ARCHIVES the obtained information, thus allowing you to update the versions of the different support lines and facilitating your access.

It GENERATES workflows allowing task creation and follow-up as well as document validation or communication to clients and suppliers.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

Business Process Outsourcing consists of subcontracting certain business process functions to service providers, both internal and external to the company, which generally cost less and are more efficient and effective.

Advances in information and communication technology allow part of a company’s work to be performed in different places, and even more importantly, for the work to be performed by specialists, generally at a lower cost, or more efficiently or effectively. That is where Papyrum comes in. Being aware of this, Papyrum has converted itself into a preferred strategical and technological partner of the companies with which it collaborates in order to make their day-to-day tasks easier. Starting from a personalized study of the situation, Papyrum helps companies by unburdening them of all that has to do with managing their information, thus allowing them to focus their efforts on their core business, i.e. the activities that characterize and define them as a company.


One of the most important things in life is coherence. Papyrum is not about smoke and mirrors, so we limit ourselves to just putting into practice our values of honesty, transparency and humility. And we do this thanks to our tailor-made solutions and personalized assessment of each client. Every company is different in the same way that every person is different, which is why we always make an in-depth analysis of the situation, and accordingly adjust our services to what the client really needs.

We are convinced that sincerity and transparency, in the long run, lead to an increase in productivity, something that all our clients will gladly confirm.


Certified digitization is the technological process that allows us, via the application of photo-electronic techniques or scanners, to convert the image on a paper document into a digital image encoded according to standard formats of common usage and with a resolution level that is supported by the AEAT (Electronic Division of the Spanish Tax Agency).

The IMAGE that is obtained through digitization via software that is approved by the Tax Agency maintains the same fiscal validity as any paper invoice when it comes to tax purposes. The goal behind the creation of a process for CERTIFIED DIGITIZATION of invoices or any other type of official and original paper documents, is to present a reply to the growing demand of requests to recognize the validity of document digitization of paper support documents, as well as to permit the substitution of the original paper documents by the corresponding files that contain the graphic images of these same documents. As a consequence, the destruction of large amounts of paper in the form of original documents could be authorized, leading to savings in document and file handling as well as a reduction of indirect fiscal costs. Ultimately this process allows the invoice recipients to destroy the original paper documents, with the subsequent savings across the whole process (such as savings in material, in space, in personnel, in time …).

Papyrum has obtained AEAT approval to develop the system called HEIMDALL, a certified digitization software. The Certified HEIMDALL digitization software offers a guarantee of the digitization process, obtaining a reliable and integral image, verified by an advanced electronic signature, installed on the digitization system and requested by the scanning software. On top of that, the captured data is also certified and digitally signed.


Apart from disposing of a system for supplier invoice management supported by the Heimdall software, we have also designed a complete system for customer invoice management.

Papyrum takes care of not only sending fiscally and legally valid invoices in a digital format, but also of maintaining traceability starting from the point of sending, during posterior invoice management all the way up to the actual payment of the invoices. This is done via an interactive platform in which our clients are able to work.


The process of document custody starts by our drawing up an inventory of all the company’s documentation. It is the most valuable consulting instrument and can serve both for the internal work (control) as for the external (information and consulting). Some companies only performed a reduced inventory, or none at all, but in the long run this is counterproductive due to the loss of time that is a direct result of not counting on specialized professionals.

Once the inventory is complete, we collect the documentation and transfer it to the Documentation Center in Colmenar Viejo, which has the technical, informatical, material and human infrastructure needed to perform this service, specifically taking into account all the quality requirements demanded by the current legislation. The Custody of Documents is performed with the documentation stored in normalized containers and file cases.

Once the files are on our installations, the client has the option to choose between custody of the documents exclusively in a physical way, or also, to digitize them.


One of the multiple advantages of having your documents well organized and protected is the possibility of having access to them at any time necessary via consultations.

At Papyrum we dispose of three consultation modalities:

  • Normal consultations: requests that are fulfilled within the following 24 hours.
  • Fax / e-mail consultations: requests of documentation that is not needed physically. These will be submitted by sending the documentation through an encrypted e-mail.
  • Urgent consultations: Requests that are fulfilled within a maximum time frame of 4 hours.